SHS Cleats provides detailed design and fabrication of galvanised steel cleats that are designed to attach to standard SHS (square hollow section tube) columns. Either timber or PFC steel channel beams can easily be attached to the steel columns via our SHS Cleats in numerous configurations.
Our SHS Cleats will fit the following SHS post sizes;

  • 75x75mm SHS
  • 89x89mm SHS
  • 100x100mm SHS
  • 125x125mm SHS
  • 150x150mm SHS


A selection of SHS Cleats is available for viewing above.
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SHS Cleats .

SHS-Timber Beam Cleats

SHS timber beam cleats are perfect for attaching timber verandah beams, roof beams and stairway landing bearers to shs posts.

SHS-Top Plate Cleats

SHS Timber Beam-Top Plate Cleats are ideal for supporting timber floor bearers on shs columns.

SHS – Baseplates, Top Plates & Single Cleats

SHS – Baseplates are ideal for supporting shs columns either embedded into concrete piers or on top of concrete pads or piers.

SHS-PFC Beam Cleats

The SHS-PFC Beam cleats are used in verandah beams, roof beams and areas where you need to cater for some extra load and require a galvanised PFC channel beam to connect to an SHS post.

SHS-Bracing Rod Cleats

These steel Rod bracing cleats are perfect for sub-floor bracing, and also used in applications of house raising.

SHS-Steel Angle Bracing Cleats

These steel angle bracing cleats are perfect for sub-floor bracing, steel framed bracing bays for high wind loads, small communication towers etc.


If you would like to obtain a quote for SHS Cleats, simply download the order sheet from the left hand side menu and when completed save the spreadsheet and then upload this spreadsheet in the Request a Quote form below. N.B. Pricing shown on the order sheet spreadsheet for each product is indicative only and subject to the SHS cleats final pricing guide which will be available soon.


    SHS Cleats is almost ready to launch their new SHS Cleat products!

    SHS Timber Beam Cleats SHS Timber Beam-Top Plate Cleats SHS PFC Beam Cleats SHS Bracing Rod Cleats SHS Steel Angle Bracing Cleats SHS Baseplates for the following SHS Columns sizes

    • 65x65mm SHS
    • 75x75mm SHS
    • 100x100mm SHS
    • 125x125mm SHS
    • 150x150mm SHS

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